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9th Asian Clubs Taekwondo Championships

Tehran Feb 2019—11 Teams will participate in 9th Asian Clubs Taekwondo Championships.

77 taekwondo athletes from 5 countries will take part in the 9th Asian Clubs Taekwondo Championships.
The following 11 teams registered through GMS official website and announced their own interest to participate in the mentioned event:
Iran: Can Club, Azad University, Shahrdari Varamin
Oman: Challenging Taekwondo Academy, Majan Club
Syria: Syrian Eagle Club, Syrian Club
Pakistan: Pakistan Red, Pakistan Green
Iraq: Police, Albasrah
Meanwhile, the is G1 and the 1st , 2nd and 3rd places will be awarded 10,6 and 3.6 points in increasing the Olympic ranking.

Date:11:02   2/23/2019


Photo Report

9th Taekwondo Asian Clubs Championships/7

9th Taekwondo Asian Clubs Championships/6

9th Taekwondo Asian Clubs Championships/4

9th Taekwondo Asian Clubs Championships/3

9th Taekwondo Asian Clubs Championships/2

Head of Teams Meeting and Drawing of Lots/1

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