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Appointment of TD for 9th Asian Clubs Championships

Tehran Feb 2019—WT President, appointed the TD for 9th Asian Clubs Championships.

According to official letter signed by WT President, Mr. Sang Cheon Kim from South Korea was appointed as the Technical Director of the 9th Asian Clubs Championships.
The 9th Asian Clubs Championships will be held from Feb 26th –Feb 27th 2019.
Meanwhile, the 9th Asian Clubs Championships is G1 and the 1st , 2nd and 3rd places will be awarded 10,6 and 3.6 points in increasing the Olympic ranking.

Date:13:24   2/23/2019


Photo Report

9th Taekwondo Asian Clubs Championships/7

9th Taekwondo Asian Clubs Championships/6

9th Taekwondo Asian Clubs Championships/4

9th Taekwondo Asian Clubs Championships/3

9th Taekwondo Asian Clubs Championships/2

Head of Teams Meeting and Drawing of Lots/1

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